Joint European Telescope for X-Ray Astronomy


Spectrum-X Gamma is the name of a multi-national space platform for high energy astronomy. The platform will host a number of instruments being produced by the various research groups, commercial companies and space agencies involved.

SRG An artist's impression is shown to the right.

Sadly, this instrument will probably never make it into orbit. The funding situation for science after the 'westernisation' of the Russian economy has meant there is little money for the space programme. The launch vehicle, mission control and the satellite bus itself were to have been funded by the Russians.

Various attempts to co-opt JET-X onto other missions, either in part or in full are being explored, but to date none have been selected.

For the moment, JET-X remains in nitrogen purged protective bagging in a cleanroom facility at Leicester University.

The JET-X Instrument

Birmingham University was involved in the project as part of a consortium producing one of the instruments. The Joint European Telescope for X-ray Astronomy, or JET-X for short, is a grazing incidence X-ray telescope. The cooled CCD detectors provide high angular resolution imaging (20") and fine spectroscopy (2% at 7keV).

The JET-X Command and Data Management System (CDMS) is a core component of the JET-X instrument, and is based around a four-processor design. This unit was designed, developed and produced at the Space Research Group at Birmingham University.


The JET-X UK team comprises the following institutions:

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