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SMEI is an instrument designed to detect the transient clouds of hot ionized gases which are emitted by the sun from time to time. Of particular interest are those clouds that are coming towards the earth, as they can have a serious effect on earth-orbiting satellites, electrical power distribution networks and long distance radio.

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The SMEI team comprises the following individuals:

Other participants have included S. Keil (National Solar Observatory), S. Kahler, R. Altrock (AFRL), and P. Anderson (BU).


The SMEI instrument was delivered on time and integrated to the spacecraft in late April 2001.

This mission was launched from Vandenberg Air Force Base, on January 6th, 2003, at 14:19am GMT. The satellite completed initial checkout on February 6th, 2003, and is currently running normal operations. A first light all-sky map was produced from the very early data.

October 2000FM Cameras completed initial calibration work
November 2000EM DHU and Cameras completed thermal vacuum testing
December 2000FM DHU build and initial testing completed
January 2001FM DHU and Cameras completed thermal vacuum testing
February 2001FM DHU and Cameras completed initial EMC testing
March 2001FM Cameras EMC rework completed
March 2001FM Cameras post-EMC rework re-vibration completed
March 2001FM Camera CCD flat field tables received and integrated
April 2001SMEI Flight Model DHU and Cameras shipped to Phoenix
April 2001SMEI Flight Model DHU and Cameras successfully integrated to spacecraft
May 2001SMEI Flight Model DHU and Cameras in-situ testing on spacecraft
June 2001SMEI Flight Software updates generation and testing
July 2001SMEI Flight Software regression testing
November 2001SMEI Flight Software Update Installation
December 2001Windsat Integration
January 2002Coriolis Full-Up System Testing
August 2002SMEI Flight Software Data Table Updates
August 2002RSC Rehersal 1
October 2002RSC Rehersal 2
October 2002Spacecraft Transfer to Vandenburg Airforce Base
October 2002SMEI Baffle Inspection And Cleaning
November 2002RSC Rehersal 3
November 2002Coriolis Launch-Pad Closeout
December 2002RSC Launch Dress Rehersal
December 2002Dec 15-18 Launch Attempts Scrubbed
February 2003Coriolis 30-day Initial Checkout
February 2003 onwardsCoriolis Standard Operations


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