AGN: populations, parameters and power

12th Birmingham-Nottingham Extragalactic Workshop

27-28th September 2010

The University of Birmingham

The University of Birmingham

Astrophysics & Space Research Group

Workshop poster

The Birmingham Nottingham extragalactic workshop series consists of informal 2-day events, involving typically ~50 participants, with the aim of bringing together researchers in related strands of research in a topical and well-focussed area of extragalactic astronomy.

This year's topic focuses on accretion modes of Active Galactic Nuclei (AGN), the relation to their environment and the implications for feedback.


2010-09-30 : Links to PDFs of talk slides added to the programme page

2010-08-25 : Second announcement

2010-08-10 : Registration now closed

2010-07-25 : Registration now extended to 9th August

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Download workshop poster (created by Ewan O'Sullivan) as a large version in png or PDF format.